Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tell Me a Story - October 2015
Fall Color and Water on the Umpqua

Once again, I set off on a journey with a few of my camera club friends.  Water and fall color along the Umpqua River.  We opted to spend the night in a motel in Idleyld Park, OR.  It was quite quaint, small, old but very very clean.  They have flowers and koi in the pond out back.  The link to the motel is as follows, just in case you were curious!
Dogwood Motel 

Our first stop was a boat ramp before the Thundering Water Lookout

 Just a leave shot along the river.  I liked the water drops on it and thought the leaves were interesting.

This snail was out in his glory.  Wet and cool weather! I think he liked it.

 The Daliahs were gorgeous!

This one was behind the motel by the koi pond.

 The koi were beautiful!

They would come right out of the water.  I'm sure had we had food, they would have eaten right out of our hands!

Up the road we go!

Whitehorse Falls. One of the 11 waterfalls off the Umpqua Hwy.  Some are right off the road and some are quite the hike!

 Another view of Whitehorse Falls.

 This was at Clearwater Falls but looking downstream.  I just liked the view.  I fell flat on my back along here, but was ok!

I was fascinated with these big leaf maple leaves with the fall orange color and the brown polka dots surrounded by green!

 We went up on the road to Crater Lake.  The clouds before we got there were absolutely gorgeous and when we got there, it was socked in.  I had to heavily edit this to see anything.  Not the best editing job!

DANGER! Keep back!

This was actually taken the next morning on the way home.  I love the colors of the river and the leaves!

Here is a brochure of Thundering Waters off the Umpqua Hwy.  It's a must have for your trip!

Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual,
 cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.
~E. O. Wilson

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  1. You got some wonderful images. I love the freezing of the water. Just spectacular. I love all the fall colors, and that pink Daliah was so amazing. Great take this month Renee.

  2. Beautiful images. The shots of the koi are my favorites, and the waterfalls are a close second. So jealous of the fall scenery. We miss that here in S. FL.